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The Camellia, Jonah, Zeus, Odin, and Friends Page
These are pictures of some of the cutest dogs you'll find on the Internet :).
And introducing Jonah, the newest addition to Farokh and Meg's menagerie!

The Sheltie-List home page
Put together by Amy Zoss (with updates by myself), lots of information and links for Shelties and Sheltie Lovers, including a link to Beverly Miller's Sheltie FAQ.

Dog Stories
Here are some touching, humorous and sad stories, essays and poems. You will also find the text of the "Rainbow Bridge", along with a tributes page for pets that have passed on to the Bridge.

And, last, but not least, some links for useful dog related sites on the web.

Complete List of Dog-Related Web Sites
This site is a very complete dog related WWW site. Cynthia Tittle Moore maintains links to a large number of dog FAQs, Breed related sites, etc. If you are into dogs, this site is a must.

AKC Web Page
This is the AKC's Web Page.

Yahoo's Dog page
This link provides an excellent jump point to other interesting sites for almost anything concerning dogs.

I now have available access to a Web searcher program. If you'd like to check it out, click here. If you'd like to add an URL to be indexed, please send me email at In your message, please state the URL as well as a summary of what you have at that URL.

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